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    I see you. Trying to squeeze in moments of meaning and connection in a world that praises busyness and hustle. Craving more out of your days beyond the move-move-move routine that has you running from the moment you wake up until the moment the kids finally fall asleep. Welcome to my world. I’ve created lots […]

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Quit With Me

Can you feel it? Pressing in from all sides. Invading spaces that were once sacred, but they’re connected in all sorts of wrong, insidious, terrifying ways now. Black Friday. Holiday parties. Picture perfect December afternoons spent sipping imported hot cocoa, homemade tree-shaped marshmallows bobbing in smooth chocolate waves as you stroll down cobbled streets with […]

Ordinary Magic

My son was born three months before my best friend had her first child. I remember sitting in the glider, baby finally asleep in my arms, exhausted after one of those endless newborn baby nights. (And I a newborn mama.) As soon as sun peeked through the curtains I felt a calm wash over my […]