Fresh Month, Fresh Start

November is upon us. This time of year brings a heady mix of emotions for me–I love the season. I love the holidays. I love the crisp air.

Autumn season colorful of tree and leaves in Japan

But it’s also hard.

Let me tell you a sad, short story. I yelled at my babies this morning. Those two most precious people in my whole world. My little one had just put on the third shirt of the morning, and like its predecessors, she flat out rejected it the moment it hit her shoulders. My big one was not putting his shoes on or otherwise preparing to leave the house. Instead, he was hovered over some scrap cardboard in the corner, cutting it into just the right shape for his current creation. And me? I was running through the mental list of everything that still needed to happen before we could leave the house, and calculating the latest possible moment we could leave and still make it to school in time for my son to go on the day’s field trip.

Did I mention we have a 25 minute drive to school, and then I have another 30 minute drive to work? And that I teach an early class on Tuesdays? Yeah.

So I yelled at my babies this morning. And I hated myself for it. And even though I can’t turn back time, I can look ahead and remind myself that I can always start fresh again tomorrow.

And here’s the thing I love about tracking time. Whatever it is you need, our Gregorian calendar gives us twelve opportunities a year to start fresh.

Which brings me to my point: how are you welcoming November this year? Yes, I said welcoming. Sure, November 1st is coming, whether we invite it or not, and while we have no control over the passage of time–trust me, I’ve tried!–we do have control over the way we experience it.

This November, I challenge you to shift your perspective just a bit, and to welcome the new month as an opportunity–for renewed hope, perhaps. Or a chance to regain control over something in your life. Maybe you just need a fresh start.

I start fresh every month by shredding last month’s habits and goals tracker, and creating a new one. I write down up to ten habits I plan to track for the month, and up to six goals.

These are aspirational. The habits I write down are not things I’m already doing well. “Calm mama” is at the top of my habit list, because it is both the most important habit I plan to engage in, and the hardest. At the end of the month, my trackers are spotty, at best. They are never completely filled in.

But then I print out a fresh tracker for next month, full of potential, and opportunity–to revisit the life I wish to create, and to reflect on what habits I need to work on in order to get there.

It’s a beautiful thing to build this rhythm of starting fresh into your life. And it’s not so hard. And you know what else? It works. When I’m tracking a habit, I engage in it more regularly than when I’m not tracking it.

Don’t believe me? There’s only one way to find out!

You can find my printable habit and goal trackers here and here.

Do you use habit trackers? What do you track? What’s at the top of your November habits list?


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