Time, You Slippery Beast

My favorite things to create are visual reminders of the passage of time–calendars, trackers, seasonal bucket lists, holiday printables and decorations. If I can’t stop time, I can at least track its movement.

We have fallen hard for Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families in our house, so I’ve created a fun Calico Critters 2020 printable calendar. This is strictly free fan art, for personal use only–the photos in the calendar are not my own, you can find credits for each photo in the calendar.

If you’re a Calico Critters fan like us, please enjoy this free gift from me to you.

Did you download my free calendar? Please tell me if you do!

Do you love this work? Follow me on Instagram to keep up with all my creations. @LuftmenschDesigns

I’m on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers, too!

Find more free printables here!

About Luftmensch Designs. At Luftmensch Designs, we live with our head in the clouds, creating whimsical, artful delights that empower you to live in the moment. Transform your family’s morning routine from crazed to celebratory with unique time trackers. Connect to life’s natural rhythms—and teach little ones to do the same—with hands-on calendars to mark the passage of days, moons, and seasons. Join a community of families embracing a more mindful pace. Some of us are Jewish. (Sleepover camp, anyone?). Some are Montessorians. (Mats and rods and pink towers, oh my!) All are quirky, intentional, and brave enough to savor beauty and slow. things. down.

Discover something that makes your heart happy. Take a breath and a browse.

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