I see you. Trying to squeeze in moments of meaning and connection in a world that praises busyness and hustle. Craving more out of your days beyond the move-move-move routine that has you running from the moment you wake up until the moment the kids finally fall asleep.

Welcome to my world. I’ve created lots of beautiful, affordable, easy printables to help mamas and teachers and caregivers like you protect your time by making space for small moments of meaning amongst the mundane realities of everyday life.

Come visit at my shops. You’ll find beautiful, simple materials that are just a click away, all designed to help you carve some beauty out of the mess.

At Luftmensch Designs, we live with our head in the clouds, creating whimsical, artful delights that empower you to live in the moment. Transform your family’s morning routine from crazed to celebratory with unique time trackers. Connect to life’s natural rhythms—and teach little ones to do the same—with hands-on calendars to mark the passage of days, moons, and seasons. Join a community of families embracing a more mindful pace. Some of us are Jewish. (Sleepover camp, anyone?). Some are Montessorians. (Mats and rods and pink towers, oh my!) All are quirky, intentional, and brave enough to savor beauty and slow. things. down.

Discover something that makes your heart happy. Take a breath and a browse. *** Teachers Pay Teachers Shop *** Luftmesch Designs on Etsy (printables) *** Interlude Designs Shop on Etsy (tees and mugs, etc.) ***

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