Show Those Teachers Some Love

Teachers. The incredible individuals who devote their entire professional lives to nurturing other people’s children. They must really feel the love, right? Teachers must be showered with acknowledgement and support on a near-daily basis, given how important they are in our children’s lives.

Yeah, no. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Parents are busy. We don’t always speak up and acknowledge our children’s teachers when we have something good to share. Our feedback is more likely to focus on concerns, fears, questions. And I’m not telling you to stop any of that. Keep the communication flowing.

But what if we each did one kind, unexpected thing for our children’s teachers, maybe just once a month or so? What if we brought a hot coffee, or a small gift card to a favorite hobby store, or maybe some flowers, just because? Imagine the impact of so many small gestures over the course of a school year.

I created this Teacher Favorites sheet for my own children’s school. We ask our teachers to fill it out once at the start of the school year, and then we share it with all of the parents. This way, we can bring small, meaningful tokens of our appreciation to our teachers whenever we feel inspired to do so. And you know what? They love it, and they deserve it.

Download the teacher favorites sheet, print one for each teacher you care about, and start spreading some love.

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