Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

I’ve been at this parenting thing for just over six years now, and I’m doing pretty well with some of the typical challenges. Sleep deprivation? We bought a great coffee maker. Plus a backup French press, just in case. Lack of me time? I read this book and it  helped me realize I have enough time if I spend it intentionally.

But one thing I continue to struggle with is getting out of the damn house on time. My son moves like molasses on an iceberg, and no amount of begging, yelling, nagging, or swearing, motivates him. And of course little sister follows suit. And I need to get out on time. I have a job, and I need to keep that job, so getting out of my house on time is kind of important. And there’s also the small detail of it being important for children to arrive to school on time every day, for learning purposes and whatnot.

When my son was younger I made visual time trackers that worked really well for a while. (Seriously, try those first if you have a two or three or four year old.) But lately? Nope. My boy is six now, and he does what he wants.

So I decided to tap into the deep well of child rearing wisdom from which we came, and to try the time-honored tradition of bribery.


And you know what? It worked.

So now, we track on time days. And for every full week that we get out of the house on time, every day, Monday through Friday, I promise my children a special treat over the weekend. And you know what? I don’t feel one bit guilty about it. We eat really well at home, and the stress of rushing and hurrying costs us all more than a sweet treat on the weekend.

So if you’re like me, and you need some help getting out of the house on time, this On Time Tracker is my gift to you, my friend. In solidarity, from one tired parent to another.

What about you? Have any tips for the rest of us?

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