Free Harry Potter Party Game!

Welcome! I can see you’re here for my Harry Potter printables. Are you having a Potter Party? You’ve come to to the right place!

Did you know that I have tons of other fantastic printables available? You can find my other free items here. I also have a huge catalog of gorgeous printables available on Teachers Pay Teachers, and Etsy, too. And I offer a limited line of my designs on apparel and mugs in my second Etsy shop.

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At Luftmensch Designs, we live with our head in the clouds, creating whimsical, artful delights that empower you to live in the moment. Transform your family’s morning routine from crazed to celebratory with unique time trackers. Connect to life’s natural rhythms—and teach little ones to do the same—with hands-on calendars to mark the passage of days, moons, and seasons. Join a community of families embracing a more mindful pace. Some of us are Jewish. (Sleepover camp, anyone?). Some are Montessorians. (Mats and rods and pink towers, oh my!) All are quirky, intentional, and brave enough to savor beauty and slow. things. down.

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. Give me the HP printables! Keep reading, my friend.


Harry Potter is actually the reason I started creating digital designs. We had epic HP movie marathon weekends when my niece and nephew were small, and of course we needed to set the mood with decorations.

So here’s the rub: Harry Potter is protected by copyright, so you can only use these things for personal use, and I can only share them with you for free. Your local print shop may not be willing to print these or any other items that are derived from copyright protected characters for you, so call first.

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Download your free Pin the Scar on Harry game here. Be sure to print your game poster at 18″ x 24″ and your lightning bolts at regular letter-size. You can get your lightning bolts here and here. This way the bolts will fit perfectly. Enjoy!

Did you use this game? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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