An Unhurried Mother’s Day

Ah, Mother’s Day. Local artisinal pastries for breakfast, fresh-brewed coffee from the roastery down the street, wildflowers hand picked by the wee ones on their morning walk, and a happy mama curled up in a cozy sun-drenched armchair.


BAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. (If this is what your Mother’s Day looks like, please, teach me. But I’m sorry, we can’t be friends.)

In reality my Mother’s Day, while peppered with lovely moments, tends to bring with it a side dish of pressure. Pressure to relax. Pressure to appreciate the day. Pressure to create a memorable day for my own mom. Pressure not to get my hopes up too much because, let’s face it, it can be hard to pull off a special day for mama when your little ones are still very small like ours.

So what makes for an unhurried, low-pressure Mother’s Day that mama can really enjoy? For me, it’s cinnamon buns and fresh coffee, my Sunday morning beach yoga, a low-key brunch at home with my own mama and other local family members, and time to ooh and aah over the ridiculously adorable Mother’s Day crafts that my kids are sure to bring home from school. In other words, I want to stay home with the people I love the most. And I want cinnamon buns, which are really the only non-negotiable in this equation.

But regardless of how you celebrate, Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to take a moment to meditate on our many blessings. I will look at my children and I will really see them, I will commit the slope of their little noses as they are, right now, to memory. I will watch my husband grind the coffee beans while carting our 18 month old around, and I will freeze this image of him in my mind, this man who makes me fresh coffee and breakfast every morning while wrangling our littlest one so I can get a hot shower. And my son’s beaming smile as he dances his madman dance to Black Betty, the song he requests every. single. morning. I will savor that. (Have you ever listened to Black Betty on repeat first thing in the morning? Savor does not immediately come to mind.)

I will remember that this moment, like all moments, will be replaced with the next. I will remember that suffering is inevitable, and this will help me embrace the joy of this day when I am miraculously free from suffering. I will rejoice in my unbelievable luck to live here and now, in this time and place where I enjoy the privileges of freedom, and health, and cinnamon buns. I will not spend my morning pressed against strangers waiting for brunch tables; I will spend it at home, with my people, and we will not hurry.

And I will remember, I will embrace, I will rejoice.

What does your unhurried, low-pressure Mother’s Day look like?

Are you celebrating a mama this Mother’s Day? I have a free printable card for you. MothersDayCards

Record your little one’s answers to the questions in each heart. There’s space in the center of the hearts to add a message of your own, and your little one can decorate the front. Download the PDF here: Mother’s Day Card by Lori Oster

However you celebrate, I wish you a wonderful, unhurried Mother’s Day.

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