The Jewish Year

File Mar 17, 12 53 49 PM.jpeg

My favorite things to design are visual calendars. I may never be able to stop time, or slow it down, but I can track it as it flies by.

Our society’s rhythms are based off of the secular and Christian year, with winter break being akin to Christmas break, and Jewish children in public schools taking school days off to attend High Holiday services. And that’s okay. But I want my children to have beautiful calendars that reflect the true rhythms of our family life, and that’s why I’ve made so many different Hebrew and Jewish calendars.

My latest design is this flat calendar depicting the Jewish liturgical year. This one has our familiar Gregorian calendar months in the center, with the Hebrew months on the next ring, and the Jewish holidays on the outer ring. I drew lines to connect each holiday to its Hebrew date of observation, and a visual symbol that helps my children connect the holidays with our observance of them.

You may not observe all of these holidays, or perhaps you observe certain days that I didn’t include in this calendar. If so, I’d love to hear about them. For now, I’m preparing this newest design as a digital download for my new Teachers Pay Teachers store

. I just printed a huge 20″ version of this piece, and let me tell you, it looks pretty darn good on the wall.

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