Experiences As Gifts

We need more stuff in our house like a hotdog needs ketchup. Which is to say: Not at all. Nope. Never.

But I’m not going to pretend that my five year old is some unicorn child who is happy receiving only experiences for Hanukkah. Because this child has definitely caught on to the whole gift receiving thing. But we’ve at least been able to temper his desire for STUFF, GLORIOUS STUFF! by encouraging him to focus on experiences and things that, if not consumable, are at least engaging beyond the first fifteen minutes of their unveiling.

My favorite items on my boy’s wish list this year? Tickets. He calls vouchers and gift cards “tickets”, and he loves collecting them. He asked for tickets to do these specific things over winter break: ice skating, open gymnastics, visits to indoor play places, bowling, ice cream (yes, in December, in Chicago), and hot cocoa outings.

So I made tickets. And every night of Hanukkah he gets to unwrap two pretty laminated tickets. And I’m telling you, he is delighted by them.


Want to give them a try? I made a sheet just for you. You’ll see that I have no patience and I definitely did not cut around all those little knobly edges, but maybe you are extra like that. I did print and laminate them, but that’s just because I’m going to regift them to my boy over and over until he figures it out.

What experience gifts have you had success giving to your little ones?

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