A Curious, Unhurried Winter Break

Winter break means a lot of things around here, namely endless, aimless days that can go one of two ways: lovely, Pinterest-worthy memory-making moments; or days filled with adult AND child tantrums because let’s be honest, my kids and I are a total energy level mismatch. They have tons of energy, and I . . . do not. By Day 2 of winter break we are at high risk of devolving into a routine of having a movie day, every day. Mama is tired and frankly, these kids aren’t very sympathetic to my plight.

So, last year my son and I created a visual Winter Break Scavenger Hunt filled with simple things we want to make sure we do during our time off together. We made one again this year, and it’s so cute that I’m sharing it with you. We are fancy so we print and laminate ours, AND we round the corners. But don’t worry if your Pinterest game isn’t up to par, all you need to do is print this bad boy and tape it up somewhere. (By the way, I make tons of other great printables for families. You can find them here and here.)


You’ll see that we snuck some decidedly un-scavenger hunt type things in there, like drinking hot cocoa and eating gingerbread cookies. But this is our winter break and we’ll do what we want. But all those outdoorsy items are so important because really, I’m an indoorsy person who really wants to be outdoorsy, but left to my own devices I will just stay inside and drink hot beverages all winter. This way, when my son asks to go searching for winter flowers I can bundle up and drink hot beverages outside in the fresh air, which is probably a lot better for me, and even with the cold factor it is much easier than hauling the kids two towns away to visit some indoor play place that is going to make us all sick for the rest of winter break.

What are your favorite winter break activities? How much time do you actually let your children watch TV during breaks at home? Just answer this last one to make me feel better, okay?

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