Kids in the Kitchen and Challah ALL Weekend

We like our challot big around here, which is why we end up eating challah all weekend whenever we bake our own. (Which we don’t do every week, by the way. Some Fridays, it’s Whole Foods challah for us.)

File Apr 05, 3 08 36 PM

Isn’t it amazing how much children enjoy working in the kitchen? As soon as my son could stand he wanted to be in the kitchen prepping food with us. We bought him a learning tower and child sized tools and he’s been involved with preparing food for our family ever since. (He can make coffee for us too, how’s that for an awesome trick?)

Once he started reading he became very interested in recipes. PJ Library sent us Joan Nathan’s fabulous book The Jewish Children’s Holiday Kitchen several months ago, and that was when I knew what I needed to make next: visual recipe cards.

File Apr 05, 3 06 34 PM

I started with my mom’s challah recipe and it was a huge hit. He loves being in charge of the grocery list when we go shopping since he can look at the ingredients card and tell me everything we need. I started out with the huge 5″ x 7″ cards pictured above, but scaled them down to a tidier 4″ x 6″, which are easier for small hands yet still large enough for clarity.

And now we come to our weekend of challah. Those huge challot we bake are too much for us to finish, so we always end up eating challah French Toast on Saturday morning, and then baking my mom’s cheese strata recipe with whatever is left for dinner on Sunday. So of course, I needed recipe cards for these staples, too.

I’m slowly building up a library of visual recipe cards for our favorites: hummus, matza ball soup, chocolate chip cookies. I also made a poster version of the challah recipe for my mom, and it turned out so good that I created a version for my shop, too.

What staples do you eat in your home that would make great visual recipes?


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