Visual Calendars Saved My Sanity

I find myself making a lot of visual calendars and trackers lately, and I blame my son. It all started when he was almost three years old, and our morning “routine” was so ugly that I found myself screaming most mornings, and frustrated every morning. I basically felt like a monster every single day, because what was I doing screaming at my sweet, precious child?

I was trying to get him out the **** front door, that’s what I was doing. And though I try to control myself, heavens do I try, I am prone to adult temper tantrums when we are running late.

So, I did what any mama with a love of design and access to a computer would do: I started making visual calendars. The first one I made was a routine chart, with basic icons to represent our morning and after school routines. And honestly, to my shock and delight, my boy loved it. I put a little arrow in the center and showed him how we could move it along as we went through our morning routine. He was suddenly more independent, and eager to actually get himself dressed in the morning. Say what? I was hooked.


Does this mean we are never running late and I don’t yell anymore? (BAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Just, no.) But we really do function better, and I have since made visual countdown calendars and perpetual calendars and visual bucket lists for school vacations, I can’t’t stop. I sell digital downloads of my calendars and trackers here and here, but if you are at all crafty you can easily make your own.

Do you use visual calendars in your home? What do they look like? Have they changed your life the way they’ve changed mine?

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